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Vocals / Matt Black

Guitar / Jake Graham

Drums / JR

Bass / Joshua Ballantyne

Guitar / Chris Byrne


The opening track of Fahran’s first album is called “Ascension”, a word which is just as apt in summing up the growth and depth of the Derby quintet’s sound and creativity since emerging in early 2012.


Those first moments saw Fahran embrace the melodic adventure which marked their previous endeavours but swiftly explore darker and heavier textures, resulting in a hard rock sound which defied expectations and immediately made the band a focus of attention. A proposition drawing on the varied inspirations of bands such as Queen, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Alter Bridge, and Black Stone Cherry, they were soon reaping those spices to create a rigorously fresh rock flavour, as evidenced within their first six months by the release of their self-titled debut album.


Garnering acclaim and keen attention, the band backed its potent arrival with their just as successful and dynamic live presence.  That first year saw Fahran praised as the openers on the debut I AM I tour and appearing at BT London Live in Hyde Park as part of the London 2012 celebrations. Never a band to rest on laurels or indeed ideas though, Fahran continued to expand and explore their melodically fiery and ruggedly passionate sound, supporting Heaven's Basement along the way in 2013. Not even the departure of original bassist Alex Stroud and vocalist Nick Whitcroft could derail the blaze of the band’s sound and determination to create a sonic invitation as rounded as it was boundary pushing. 


An open maturity was already showing its hand in new songs as Download and Bloodstock appearances were successfully tucked under the band’s belt. The melodic roars of new vocalist Matt Black and hearty imposing basslines of Josh Ballantyne fitted instantly into the creative web of imagination spun by guitarists Jake Graham and Chris Byrne. With the anthemic and commanding beats of JR Windsor driving the passion of emerging songs, Fahran was openly heading to greater plateaus with their sound and enterprise, second album “Chasing Hours” the result. Uncaged in 2014 and crowd funded by the ever passionate and feverish support of their fans, the album was a drama of intimate emotion and rock ‘n’ roll diversity, and swiftly draped in the acclaim of fans and media alike.


The album though is just another explosive sign post in the ever evolving hunger of Fahran to grow into, and lure out, the most creatively daring and imaginative adventure within their songwriting and sound. It will ensure 2015, with already a UK tour across March and April supporting Furyon and a highly anticipated appearance at HRH AOR 3 March 12th set for a dose of the blisteringly seductive Fahran sound,  will be the most thrilling and breath-taking year for band and fans alike.



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Chasing Hours


          A Thousand Nights                    Cased In STeel

               26/01/2016                                                    25/02/2015


     I Heard A Joke once                Take This City Alive

               11/04/2014                                              18/11/2013


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